Want to transform a vacant lot into a backyard lot?

Here are the steps you'll need to take:

  1. Locate a vacant lot

  2. See if the lot is available: http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/gis/cpc/basemap.jsp

  3. Contact your local community development corporation, (ex. Slavic Village Development) or your local Councilperson to get you in touch with your local CDC (SVD as an example) to help you select a lot to play on.

  4. Contact Backyard Lots at backyardlots@gmail.com to join the network and receive a Backyard Lots starter kit


What's in a starter kit?

  1. Backyard Lots Flag

  2. 4 Cones

  3. Football

  4. Kickball

  5. Marking Chalk

  6. Stickers

  7. Whistle

  8. Hat